Microsoft Office 365 delivers all kinds of amazing productivity and efficiency across the business, enabling you and your team to work and share information from home, office, or on the move. But, what is Office 365?

In simple terms Microsoft Office 365 is the MS Office that you have known for long, except the latest Office 365 is a backed by cloud technology. It brings the updated version of all the productivity software and tools of Microsoft Office along with a variety of communication and collaboration tools like Exchange Online, Skype for Business, SharePoint, etc. The advantages of Office 365 are widely known; a couple of which are strong security, seamless integration, boosts collaborative abilities, improves mobile access, scalability-flexibility, and easy to use tools and software suite.

Office 365 is a subscription based Microsoft solution and you only pay for the solutions you have subscribed for. This allows you to easily purchase and deploy services as required, while being able to predict the monthly costs.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Connected Cloud Environment

If you are already using a cloud based solution, migrating to Office 365 could bring you more benefits as you can effectively bind together different systems and bring fully functional collaboration and management tools.

Optimized Infrastructure

Moving to cloud frees organisations from the heavy server based architecture and the constant maintenance. This allows companies to rethink their IT department’s load and focus on other critical issues like user adoption.

Facilitated Support and Maintenance

With Office 365, companies can reduce the efforts and resources they spend on supporting their solutions, thus enabling them to focus on their critical business functions rather than on software issues.

On the go access via any device

Office 365 enables your team to open and update documents, access contacts and calendar information as well as send emails from any connected device anytime and anywhere.

Safety and Security Offers Peace of Mind

Office 365 is designed with reliability in mind. It features the same robust system which is used by Microsoft in their other solutions in order to protect documents, emails and networks. Additionally Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime guarantee and the built in scanning capabilities in Office 365 to scan your email around the clock and alert you of any malware attack or suspicious software.

Enhanced Collaboration Features

Starting their experience with Office 365, organisations can offer employees with multiple features for online collaboration, including group based conversation, shared team sites, video conferencing, and more. With Office 365 each team or department can create their ideal medium for collaboration whilst maintaining data security and increasing efficiency.

Intuitive, Easy and Accessible

The Office 365 suite of software and applications is very easy to use and user friendly. The dashboard is standard among all applications. You don’t require any special certification to use the software and anyone can get up to speed quickly.

Agile and Scalable Solutions

As mentioned above, with an effective pay-as-you-go setup and various flexible options, you can start small and scale as you go further. You only have to pay for the services that you have subscribed for, which is a predictable monthly cost. This enables cost saving especially for new businesses experiencing growth

Office 365 Features

Office 365 features are based on the subscription plan. There are plans for enterprises, home users and everything in between. Below are some of the most common features of Office 365:

  • Office Suite, includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype for Business, OneNote, Publisher and Access
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online for online collaboration
  • Exchange Online, contains emails, calendar, and tasks
  • Yammer for enterprise social networking
  • Power BI for business intelligence
  • Delve for social document discovery
  • Sway for creating reports, presentations and newsletters
  • Planner for effective project management
  • Video for storing a private video library


As organizational data grow in size and complexity, it becomes extremely important for organizations to find improved way to better govern, secure, find and analyze the data to make sense of information. Migrating to Office 365 from legacy system streamlines your business critical processes, increases productivity, reduces turnaround times, and drives increased business profits.