Increase profitability without disrupting your work with our end-to-end Outlook Configuration services

Accelerate your Office 365 on boarding

We work relentlessly to make on boarding to Office 365 easy whilst increasing your profit margin. Add more value to your migration through our end to end Outlook configuration service.

No device visits

We’ll silently configure your current Outlook system without creating any end user frustration or raising a flood of support tickets. We configure Outlook 100% remotely without causing any disruption.

Zero downtime

We are committed towards making your migration process a seamless experience and that’s why we implement automation, helping us lower our services cost & ensure a safer, error-free process.

Reduce errors when migrating with automated, remote Outlook Configuration services

We’ll simplify Cloud for your business

365 Migration Outlook Configuration is included with our User Bundle. Migration is never easy and there are often challenges, which increase the time delay as well as the transition cost. Our outlook configuration services enable us to reduce errors and remove preventable mistakes whilst ensuring that the cost is within your budget. Regardless of size, version, status, or geographic location, we offer end-to-end remote Outlook configuration services to make your jump to cloud a better migration experience. As an end user you don’t have to learn anything new, and all you have to do is enter the password and restart Outlook. The configuration services we provide are flexible, automatic and easy to implement in any deployment scenario including Office 365 to Office 365 migration or coexistence migrations.

Migrate to Office 365 with confidence

Agile, scalable and reliable Outlook configuration services for faster Office 365 migration

Our Unique Features

Create Opportunities, Transform Your Business with Reliable 365 Migration Services


We use PowerShell scripts to create automated tasks and configure them so that they can be run automatically or in a single click. Our script storage is centralized and highly efficient, and can also be run in the cloud. This enables us to streamline the process and reduce preventable mistakes.


We create and manage runbooks, which allows us to easily upload existing service documents, update existing templates, create a detailed document, consisting of step by step information including rich text, images, hyperlinks, code blocks, etc. This in turn enables us to compare the estimated and actual cost of services.


We do benchmarking, allowing us to view our employee performance over time as well as compare with other employees performances. It also helps in discovering costly and time consuming tasks, and replacing them with efficient ones. We proactively identify opportunities to enhance processes, people and profits.

Accelerate your Move to Office 365. The faster your business is in Office 365, the sooner you reap benefits.