Easily move your existing content to Office 365: files, images, videos, rich text, hyperlinks, users, permissions, and more.

Enhanced Experience

Migrate your business without impacting your work. We move documents with no interruptions and downtime whether on-premise or in the cloud. We cover everything, even maintaining the structure and permissions.

Faster Transition

Leverage our state-of-art, global migration infrastructure and tested technology to migrate your business critical data faster than ever. Our light-speed feature moves your documents extremely fast whilst also maintaining data integrity.

Increased Revenue

Increase your revenue by a significant margin through our error free document migration. Leverage our scalable and automated document migration service to streamline your process and take advantage of other features of Office 365.

Expand your business with reduced workloads using our flexible and automated document migration services

We migrate upto 10GB data per user with maximum 10 passes for each user

Partner with us to streamline your process and business to drive better business results. We deliver best on boarding experience to our clients when migrating to Office 365. Let our expert team build a bespoke document migration solution for your business. Move to Microsoft Office 365 today and take benefits of the unique features of the cloud technology.

Get on board with industry leading Document Migration services

A reliable, secure and seamless Document Migration solution for enterprises and SMBs whilst keeping your system safe and the staff up & running during your move.


MS One Drive for Business

MS Sharepoint Online

MS Sharepoint Server 2010+

MS Windows File System


Google Drive



MS One Drive for Business

MS Sharepoint Online


Google Drive



Bespoke document migration services to guide you through the digital transformation and continue on to support your business into the future.

Our Unique Features

Create Opportunities, Transform Your Business with Reliable, Mistake-Free Migration Solution


We use PowerShell scripts to create automated tasks and configure them so that they can be run automatically or in a single click. Our script storage is centralized and highly efficient, and can also be run in the cloud. This enables us to streamline the process and reduce preventable mistakes.


We create and manage runbooks, which allows us to easily upload existing service documents, update existing templates, create a detailed document, consisting of step by step information including rich text, images, hyperlinks, code blocks, etc. This in turn enables us to compare the estimated and actual cost of services.


We do benchmarking, allowing us to view our employee performance over time as well as compare with other employees performances. It also helps in discovering costly and time consuming tasks, and replacing them with efficient ones. We proactively identify opportunities to enhance processes, people and profits.