Fast, agile, secure and scalable Archive Migration solutions for large and small businesses worldwide

Streamline Your Business

There is a risk of relying on employees to save files, data as per corporate policy. We help you streamline your process, reduce cycle times and achieve efficiency by effectively moving your archives to the cloud.

Zero Interruptions

Migrating critical archives to cloud is never easy. We make sure that your business archives are easily discovered, collected, and migrated without any downtime or delays.

Greater Gains

Our bespoke archive migration services ensure that your legal and IT departments are in compliance as we deliver secure migrations with reduced IP leakage and security risks, and have zero end user impact.

Cost-effective Archive migration services to remove the headache of it and enabling you to focus on your business

Leave costly PSTs behind and say hello to Profitability and Peace of mind

Delivering end-to-end migration of personal archives without disruptions

Let us help you to make the jump from personal archives to a better cloud experience. Our archive migration combines state of art technology along with the improved benefits of cloud based computing. Run your business in a simple and effective way whilst we take care of the end-to-end migration of your personal archive to an enhanced cloud environment.

Migrating critical archives may become complex and get delayed as there are always related hurdles. There are always concerns about data integrity and security, complexity of migrating large volumes of data, and the high cost of migration. Our archive migration services are robust and automated thus eliminating the preventable mistakes. We practice standardization in all our migration projects thus making us more efficient. Additionally, we also do benchmarking to determine where the performance is lacking and identify opportunities and optimal migration methods.

Start streamlining your archive migration process today; make your team efficient, effective and agile.

Our Unique Features

Create Opportunities, Transform Your Business with Reliable 365 Migration Services


We use PowerShell scripts to create automated tasks and configure them so that they can be run automatically or in a single click. Our script storage is centralized and highly efficient, and can also be executed in the cloud. This enables us to streamline the process and reduce the preventable mistakes.


We create and manage runbooks, which allows us to easily upload existing service documents, update existing templates, create a detailed document, consisting of step by step information including rich text, images, hyperlinks, code blocks, etc. This in turn enables us to compare the estimated and actual cost of services.


We do benchmarking, allowing us to view our employees performance over time as well as compare with other employees performances. It also helps in discovering costly and time consuming tasks and replacing them with efficient ones. We proactively identify opportunities to enhance process, people and profits.