Problems with Migration Services Delivered Today

Unclear Strategy

Unclear migration strategy is a problem for businesses and could lead to a halt or even losing important data. Migration is a business critical process and there are often hurdles. It is extremely important to have a clear and complete plan before migrating to Office 365.

Issues Regarding Hybrid Solutions

Migration to Office 365 become challenging when businesses want to move to Office 365 whilst also retaining some aspects of their on-premise environments. A hybrid solution makes sense, but it is a complex process with associated challenges.

Low Bandwidth

Transitioning to Office 365 often gets delayed due to the low or limited bandwidth, especially with smaller organisations when they are moving from on-premise to Office 365 where they have lots of data to migrate but the bandwidth is limited.

Outdated System

Migration to Office 365 is seamless when your existing system is latest and updated. But often migration process halts because the on-premise system is outdated. It therefore becomes extremely important to upgrade your legacy system before migrating to Office 365.


When you are migrating to Microsoft Office 365, disruptions may arise in the form of data loss, faulty data update, etc. Migration service providers ensure that there’s no disruption of any kind. However, there are always chances for errors and organisations can only reduce their probability.


User and admin training is a must after the migration process. Failing to properly train employees, especially on the key changes on day-to-day functions, can affect the business. Some aspects of Office 365 are easy to learn, but features like Microsoft team and Skype for Business needs training.

Automated and Scalable Office 365 Migration Services

We’ll enhance your experience of transitioning to Office 365 and make it secure and automated. We’ll document and standardize deliveries with Run books. Centralize, automate and run scripts in the cloud whilst bench marking performance and identifying further opportunities for improving our service delivery.

Office 365 Migration Services Delivery with Us

We are a boutique IT firm delivery leading end-to-end Office 365 migration services to companies of all sizes in Australia and across the globe. By implementing best in class technology and domain expertise, we build solutions to fit the specific requirements of every client, whether it on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both. When we partner with you, we work exclusively on migrating your business to Office 365 and making the process as seamless and secure as it can be. And, this sets us apart in the industry. Our migration process includes:


We use PowerShell scripts to create automated tasks and configure them so that they can be run automatically or in a single click. Our script storage is centralized and highly efficient, and can also be run in the cloud. This enables us to streamline the process and reduce preventable mistakes.


We create and manage runbooks, which allows us to easily upload existing service documents, update existing templates, create a detailed document, consisting of step by step information including rich text, images, hyperlinks, code blocks, etc. This in turn enables us to compare the estimated and actual cost of services.


We do benchmarking, allowing us to view our employees performance over time as well as compare with other employees performances. It also helps in discovering costly and time consuming tasks and replacing them with efficient ones. We proactively identify opportunities and make our services cost-effective.

365 Migration is an industry leading pioneer in offering Office 365 migration services and provides bespoke migration solutions. Our services entail not just setting up and transitioning to the cloud, but we also ensure that your Office 365 environment is fully optimized and protected. Additionally, get quick resolutions to the issues with our 24/7 remote support and plan for business growth with our experienced cloud engineers.

Office 365 Migration = Business Growth

Learn how migrating to Office 365 can drive more business profits.